Monday, June 2, 2014

Extra, Extra!

I love Jill Bobbin's twist on "Ode to the Newspaper" 

She customized it for her father's 80th birthday by changing some of the newspaper names, adding his name and birthday and including a kindle! Thanks for sharing this, Jill. I bet he doesn't receive anything like it!

I included this cover image in my final email to my co-workers at The Washington Post two years ago.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Atlantic Cod, a New CHS Release

I stumbled across an old fish book that described how the Atlantic Cod was the staple of New England diets for centuries. Cape Cod, I read, was named after the abundance of the fish in the area. Once the fish were preserved with salt, then shipped and traded, images of the cod appeared on stamps, legal documents and weather vanes. There's a four-foot, eleven-inch wood carving of a cod hanging in the Massachusetts State House.

Thanks to Kathy Bonham for stitching our model, Lakeside Linens for providing the beautiful Misty Rain linen, Needlepoint Silk for the floss (DMC conversions given) and to Valley House Primitives for creating this "Old Wood" style frame!

Retail price of chart: $12.00

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Almost Here... A New Carriage House Samplings Release!

Can it really be five months since I've posted a new release? 
Too much snow shoveling and not enough designing!
Here's a detail from my latest chart:

You can tell I've been dreaming of sun and water!
Hope you've had a much more productive winter!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A New CHS design

Dear House

Small enough to stitch before the holidays

Thanks to Carol Sims for stitching this even though she was under the weather
And to Janet and Mike at Valley House Primitives for creating 
this beautiful Yankee Blue frame with a Wave design
And to Pat at Lakeside Linens for the gorgeous 40-count Vintage Examplar
And for The Gentle Art for supplying me with Midnight floss
And I can't forget DMC: I love their 781, Topaz Very Dark

Suggested retail: $9.00

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Boys are in Ohio

The Boys and other CHS models are in 
Craft Gallery's new space (406 Walnut Street, Findlay) 
just in time for the NorthCoast Tour de Stitch 2013
And tomorrow I'm shipping the Girl models to join them!

Carlton and Paula's shop is gorgeous. Here's a link:
And for more info on the Tour de Stitch:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inspiration for George design...

This box turtle keeps visiting our porch and front yard. 
I think its orange eyes means it's a boy.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Silks for the boys

Approx. 1 skein for each boy, except where noted:
154 926 Sea Green, Light (none for Jeremiah)
256 937 Leaf Green, Dark
336 936 Avocado Green, Dark
724 918 Cinnamon
741 932 French Blue, Light
746 930 French Blue (George: 2 skeins)
766 780 Sable Brown (Jeremiah: 2 skeins)
772  729 Sunflower Gold, Light (none for Abel)
773 782 Sunflower Gold
965 844 Dapple Gray (Abel: 2 skeins)
976 3031 Mouse Gray, Dark (Jeremiah: 2 skeins)
981 Ecru Taupe, Very Light
993 310 Black